Tuesday, August 23, 2011

House of Gasoline Glamour Collaboration with Tumbler and Tipsy

The House of Gasoline Glamour has officially collaborated with Tumbler and Tipsy on 8 different jewlery pieces for Spring/Summer 2012 collection! The picture above is a sneak peak into the new accessory collection...just wait for this whole new TUMBLER AND TIPSY! Your going to go "GAGA" over this!! Each accessory from the collection of Tumbler and Tipsy & "The House of Gasoline Glamour" is truly a piece of art hand made with Swarovski crystals and real gemstones plus precious metals. We are so thankful for this collaboration and SUPER EXCITED to bring it to all of you!! You can check out The House of Gasoline Glamour at http://www.gasonlineglamour.com/