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August 15, 2011 - Tumbler & Tipsy sequins the fashion world

Tumbler & Tipsy sequins the fashion world

When an Olympic figure skater decides to become a fashion designer, Tumbler & Tipsy is what comes out. While some might assume that the typical skating ensembles might make quite a loud impression translated into clothing, T&T has taken the sparkle from his career and put a global influence on each garment. This is not your average clothing line; metal hardware, sequins-covered jackets, and neon colored bottoms are just some of the standard pieces that make up this collection.

Releasing a new collection this month, Tumbler & Tipsy is projected to make quite a splash all over Hollywood. With publications such as Metro Magazine and WWD already covering the eye-catching designer, be on the lookout for this up and coming line in stores near you.

About the designer

Since a young age Michael Kuluva has worked his way into becoming one of the most recognized and talented figure skaters. Touring in over 600 cities and 40 countries, he is using his global influence to transform the fashion industry. Taking his passion to the next level, Kuluva attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) to legitimize his design techniques. He launched the first collection in 2009 and after being well received decided to move forward with Tumbler & Tipsy.

The hands-on approach that Michael Kuluva has taken has brought a unique sense of diversity to the line, which distinguishes it from anything else. While it is striking upon the first glance, a closer look will show the fine work put into the line that actually makes it a work of art.

From $65 and up, Tumbler & Tipsy provides uncompromising quality along with its innovative design. Without labeling itself all over each garment, it is clear that this line has a strong designer behind it. To find out more about Tumbler & Tipsy, check out their website

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