Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tumbler and Tipsy Fall 2013 Preview Featured on

Tumbler and Tipsy Fall 2013 Preview on

"We were intrigued by news of a fashion shoot at the W Hotel rink in Westwood, Los Angeles, that featured several skaters we know. Michael Kuluva, founder and designer of the Tumbler & Tipsy label, was behind the glam event.
"The fashion shoot was for my 2013 fall collection that will be shown at New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week," he told us by phone. "It was sponsored by W Hotels and Inglot Cosmetics. I reached out to my skating friends and my celebrity clientele, and they were gracious enough to participate." in a statement made by Michael Kuluva.
Skaters in the shoot included Tai BabiloniaMirai NagasuAdam RipponJennifer DonMichael Modro and Brandon Larcom plus also featured in the shoot were international recording artists Lil' Debbie & Colette Carr plus Tumbler & Tipsy's favorite models....

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